Load Kernel modules error

Hello, first I’d like to apologize for another thread on this topic. However, I have been searching this forum and trying to resolve for the past week on my own unsuccessfully. I am not a power user by any means. Like the other similar threads, my machine uses nvida and has broken with the recent kernel. I do regular backups but failed the backup the day of the update prior to shutting down. So I’m hoping to for some assistance so I can recover lost work. On boot, I receive the error:

Error: Failed to Load Kernel Modules.

I have followed this thread Failed to start Load Kernel Modules - #27 by freggel.doe but on pacman -R linux54 it errors with:

checking dependencies…
:: removing linux54 breaks dependency ‘linux54’ required by linux54-nvida-340xx
:: removing linux54 breaks dependency ‘linux54’ required by linux54-virtualbox-host-modules

In an attempt to fix the dependencies, I did my best to follow the direction here Failed to start Load Kernel Modules - after update - #3 by leebut but I fail to rectify and fully understand what I need to do. I do understand that 340xx drivers support has ended. I do not need to keep virtualbox even though it is referenced as a dependency.

I do have access to TTY2 and TTY3. I have reviewed the main notification on the forum that instructs me to get the sources with git clone requests and compile the packages. However, I am unsure if I do that within TTY2?

I would greatly appreciate guidance on correcting this issue and hoping I will be able to recover lost work.

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You’re trying to remove linux54 but at the same time telling pacman not to touch dependencies. That’s why you get the error: there are still packages on your system which require linux54.
Better use mhwd-kernel for kernel management:

$ sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux54

Thank you for the information @freggel.doe. Just to be clear, following the direction from the post here Failed to start Load Kernel Modules - #18 by The_Quantum_Alpha and adding in your recommendation, the command to resolve my kernel load error is:

sudo pacman -S linux510 && mkinitcpio -P && mhwd-kernel -r linux54 && mkinitcpio -P && pacman -S linux54 && mkinitcpio -P && pacman -R linux510 && mkinitcpio -P


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Did you try following

It’s pretty simple:

You go to TTY, type mhwd -a pci free 0300, and follow the other directions in that post.

Hi @realmain. I did run mhwd -a pci free 0300 which “Successfully installed video-linux”.

The next step is “I used pamac to remove any existing NVIDIA drivers”. I am not 100% sure how to complete this step?

Next pamac search -r nvidia returned many results. Notably:

MHWD module-ids for nvidia 390.141 [Installed] 390.141-1 core
MHWD module-ids for nvida 460.32.03 [Installed] 460.32.03-1 core

So it looks like I already have driver version 460.32.03 installed though my version is “-1” instead of “-3”. I am guessing that version 390.141 needs to be removed though?

Thanks again for your help!

After doing more research to try to figure out the next step for using “pamac to remove existing NVIDIA drivers”, I believe I don’t have nvidia drivers currently installed. I ran mhwd -li -d with the following out:

NAME: video-linux
VERSION: 2018.05.04
INFO: Standard open source drivers.
CLASSIDS: 0300 0380 0302
VENDORIDS: 1002 8086 10de

However, this seems to contradict the pamac search in my previous post. I am thoroughly turned around as to what needs to be next? Thanks.