Live USB don’t start, error booting



I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, due to crash problems, I have decided to try Manjaro OpenBox edition.

More info:
My netbook is a Asus e1015 using EFI.
I create the Live USB using the command dd, also probe with etcher, but nothing.
I compare the sha1 of the file, and it is correct.
The distro is recognizing as archlabs.

Thanks in advance.


systemd 237 is old. That means you’re trying to use an old installer image. Please download a current one:


It’s strange, since I downloaded the stable version of Manjaro with Openbox, which is on its official website.
filename: manjaro-openbox-18.0.2-2018520-stable-x86_64.iso

I will try it with i3 from the official page.


For openbox: try this download. It says “Systemd version 239” in the packages.txt. Also, errors like that usually come from a bad usb stick. Try using Rufus in DD mode, or etcher to create the usb installer.


I’m having the same issue trying get the 18.0 i3 version to work with dd command. Gets completely ignored by laptop and main pc. What works still is the netinstall 16.8.

The 16.8 i3 version works but has trouble updating (no surprise).


Maybe the USB drive is the problem. Some drives fail to boot correctly.
Use another one if available.


I could install manjaro with i3, my netbook has recognized it correctly and install without problem.
thank you very much to all.