Live system runs fine, but booting the install fails entering grub rescue

Dear all,

I used a live image (manjaro-xfce-21.0.4-210506-linux510) to install a Manjaro with Xfce. The live system works fine.

My install attempt is this: manjaro as guest in a VirtualBox environment, erase entire disk, swap to file, encrypt with luks/LVM.

on reboot I am asked to type in the encryption password.

first issue: I see no feedback of typed characters, nothing
second issue: after a while there is a error message of cryptouid not found (or so), and then I am dropped to grub rescue.

I have tried this in legacy bios mode as well as in EFI mode, no luck.

If I do the same install without ticking the “Encrypt” box, the install and consequent booting works just fine.

Is there a known issue with luks encryption and LVM currently?

No one else running into this issue?

Probably as in TTY and Terminal, LUKS passwords do not show any “feedback” without an implemented UI for it. Once you finished typing the password, you hit Enter. If is correct will move on, if not, will trow an error. Maybe because you do not press Enter and just wait, there is a certain time valid for waiting user input, and after that trows the shell rescue …