Live DVD won't boot in XCP-ng environment

I'm would like to install a manjaro 64-bit version in a XCP-ng (= XEN) environment.
I downloaded the architect and the xfce iso editions. Both iso's are working fine in VirtualBox.
But when booting in a XEN envireonment, the "XEN-BIOS" shows up in console, then the screen gets blank. The system is eating up 5-10% of CPU for more then 30 minutes, but nothing happened.
Got the same problem with artix, another arch based distro.
Using a debian based distro, or the ipfire iso the installation on XEN works as expected.

What to do to get Manjaro work?


Just in case this is of any help .. heres the Archwiki:

I have found the archlinux wiki before. But it delivers more questions then answers ...
While Playing around, I found that when I use the XCP-ng template "other system" und then switch from BIOS to UEFI boot, the Manjaro live system DVD works as expected.

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