Little freezes on a i5 8600k when installing games or extracting zip files

Hello !

I'm on kernel 5.4.26, manjaro I3 and I'm experiencing some freezes when I'm installing games or extracting large zip files with a 8600k, to the point that I can't browse any file manager or the internet comfortably when doing so. On the other hand, I have absolutely no problems when playing games.

I've enabled the turbo boost in the bios but I think that I was having the same issue when it was not activated. It shouldn't be a cooling issue since I have a very good air cooler.

I feel like it's not normal but I might be wrong.
Let me know if you need any more information, I'd be glad to give them ! I may only be able to answer in a few hours though.

Thank you very much for your help !

This sounds related to disk I/O.

Have you checked iotop ?

Thank you very much for your answer !
I didn't check iotop and just made a search to know more about disk I/O.

I'm using an encrypted SSD and I just copied a 4gb zip file to it and my computer totally froze. Lots of commands were using 99.9 % IO.

What should I do ?

Which ones?

Encryption requires CPU time. If you chose an encryption which does not have hardware acceleration, or used very strong encryption settings, then encryption will take a lot of CPU and a long time.

Concerning yesterday total freeze (I had to reboot), I remember python3 - pygmentize using 99.9 % I/O (I was copying the file with the ranger file manager from an HDD to the SSD.)

I just tried to install a game and it indeed seems like the encryption is the problem. These were all at 99.9%.

  • Dm-crypt_write/2
  • kworder/u12:+kcryptd/254:0 (they were a number of those with u7, u8, etc)
  • jbd2/dm-0-8

Some other programs I was already using sometimes went at 99.9% such as my browser or qbittorrent.

As for the encryption settings, I'm just using the basic full disk encryption and the partitioning the Manjaro installer was suggesting. Does it have hardware acceleration ?

I guess I can't really fix it if I want to keep encryption ?

Thanks you for the explanation by the way !

Do you think I should try to switch to a different encryption method on Arch ? What should I choose ?

If I remember correctly there's only one encryption setting available on the manjaro installer, the full disk encryption one. I'd love to stay on manjaro though so if there is a way to chose a different encryption method, I'd be happy to do that !

Anyone has any idea about all of this ? Sorry to up the topic, but I'm really lost with this issue.

Is it possible that my SSD is too slow ? The reading and writing speed are at 500 mo/s. Is it necessary to buy something faster ?

Thanks a lot.

Maybe you should ask yourself some questions:

  • Why encrypt, what is the goal
  • What to encrypt, system+data, only data, etc
  • What encryption method
  • Does the cpu support hardware accelerated encryption
  • Is the performance hit worth it
  • Backup / Restore / System Recovery procedures


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