Listing an installed app

$ pacman -Qs tabby
local/tabby-terminal-1.0.182 nightly.0-1 (default)

Is there a way for it to just show

$ pacman -Qs tabby

? Or whatever it may become later?
ANother query could be

$ pacman -Qs brave
local/brave-browser-beta 1.42.65-1
    Web browser that blocks ads and trackers by default (beta binary release).
local/brave-nightly-bin 1.43.43-1
    Web browser that blocks ads and trackers by default (nightly binary release).

When all I want is

$ pacman -Qs brave

Is this what you want?

$ pacman -Q pcmanfm
pcmanfm 1.3.2-1
$ pacman -Q mplayer
mplayer 38359-1
$ pacman -Q chromium
chromium 103.0.5060.134-1
$ pacman -Q pcmanfm mplayer chromium
pcmanfm 1.3.2-1
mplayer 38359-1
chromium 103.0.5060.134-1
  • Nothing after “-Q”

If you just want package names ONLY:

$ pacman -Qq pcmanfm mplayer chromium

Or if you want to list all packages with version which you have explicitely installed:

pacman -Qen (for native)
pacman -Qem (for AUR etc.)

In your examples you gave the exact name. What I want is to call a list of all names that have that name in it.
How I should have phrased it better could have been this

$ pacman -Q? brave

As you see what I want in this example is to call up all installed apps that have brave in the name, but without all the added info that Qs gives you. That means no local/ and no version number or comments.
Qq is close, but only shows the name if the queried name is the same.

The answer is above. Some documentation to further your knowledge:

Note: I find the best way to find options in the pacman man page is to search for the Operation (-S, -Q, etc or more liberally -s, -q, etc).

Example key sequence:

man pacman
/-q   # search forward
n      # next
n      #
n      #
g      # top
G     # bottom
?-q   # search backward
q      #quit