List of paired devices under bluetooth quick settings

I’m not sure if this is a topic here or rather to the GNOME developers, but in the quick settings tab (top-right corner of the desktop) the bluetooth button is missing the option to connect to recently paired devices.

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I would expect something similar to the wifi button - an arrow to quickly connect to already paired devices and a ‘show more’ option to quickly jump to the relevant settings section.

Currently I have to click on the settings cog every time, find the bluetooth section and connect to the appropriate device. In a situation where I travel a lot with my laptop and connect to many different devices this is quite inconvenient.

I would love to add the functionality myself - I have a bit of programming knowledge. Unfortunately, I also have zero experience in contributing to Linux or with Linux desktop app development, haven’t done pull requests to open source projects, nor do I program in C/C++ on a daily basis, so I would almost certainly need some help with this one :wink:

Manjaro has absolutely no bearing on GNOME development. Go to them instead.

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Sure, thank you :slight_smile:

It’s already done in GNOME 44. :wink:


That’s cool! :slight_smile: I’m new with Manjaro - will there be update available with system updates anytime soon or I should I perform any steps to upgrade?

GNOME 44 just released, it’s going to take a hot sec (in your case, probably a few weeks) to trickle down. Arch (our upstream) still only has it in unstable, and after that it has to trickle down through Manjaro’s branches.

If you are an experienced Linux user, you can try switching to testing/unstable branch to get it a bit sooner. Regardless, there are no “steps to upgrade” - wait for update notifications from Manjaro’s tray tools, and then updates will be available in your software center. (Make sure to read the update thread, it often has valuable tips and instructions!)

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FYI, while Arch has updated a few GNOME packages to 44.0 in Arch Stable and a few more in Arch Testing, the majority have not yet been updated. The maintainers are currently working on it. Arch’s staging and gnome-unstable group cannot be browsed purposely as it’s not meant for end users.

Myself, I’ve been testing since 44.beta and everything is ready on our end. The screenshot above is on my own machine. :wink:


Awesome, thank you both @fasto @Yochanan for detailed responses. I need my machine working, so I have no intention to mess around with unstable branch, but it’s good to know that all I need to do now is wait :slight_smile:

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