List of ongoing projects & team members?

If this already exists, I apologize because I could not find it in the Contribute or Software category.

Is there a list of maintained, new developed, and orphan manjaro packages that are looking for team members support?

For example, Debian’s list of orphaned packages:
Debian – Orphaned packages

I’d love to offer support if within my capabilites.

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Most packages come from Arch. We maintain some overlay packages for some with patches and have our own. Anything we orphan is dropped from the repos because it’s probably in the AUR already, anyway.

Either way, in what ways are you capable of contributing?

Beware of cobwebs, I still need to go through and archive packages we no longer have:


I will take a look at the packages in the GitLab.

I am an experienced mechanical engineer and program manager, but I also have a hobby/interest in computing and coding. Most of the work I have done is in C++, Python and C#. I’m not a very experienced professional, just a hobbyist with an interest.

I’m glad to help in both technical and non-technical ways, including programming features, bugs/testing, documentation and of course advocate for Linux FOSS community.

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