List of different kernel to choose from during installation

I have an older Mini PC, where kernel 4.19xx works well.
The last installation is some time ago and with kernel 5.7xx, the graphics output of the desktop freezes with that kernel (after finishing installation).

I had to install kernel 4.19xx via console (TTY1).

So, during installation, the user could choose from different kernel during installation.


I think that might be a good idea under some kind of “Advanced Options” setting. Just like we have the option to format and partition the drive ourselves with GParted. If it were to become an installation option then I think it should come with suitable warnings and explanations about using different kernels. A recommendation for new Linux users to go with the current kernel or newest LTS kernel would seem a sensible precaution. :thinking:

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Maybe some kernels to choose from:

  1. Most recent stable kernel
  2. Most recent LTS kernel
  3. Some older LTS kernels

Already available in Architect … which should be the choice for any ‘problem’ hardware.
(or fine-grained install tuning)

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So you don’t run into issues during live mode?

Yeah there’s Architect, but that’s a much more involved process. It would be nice for Calamares to offer an option to choose a kernel version, whilst still allowing the ease of a relatively automated process. It’s just a thought. :smile:

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During installation process, this error didn´t occur.