Liquidshell: KDE's upcoming lower resource replacement of Plasma

Sometimes, I visit KDE’s git page and today I saw something very interesting. One KDE developer is working on a project that will run on any PC. This will be a light DE all the way.

I got a small video demo on youtube that I totally did not expect.


Yes, isn’t this interesting. :wink:
With liquidshell and simple menu being move into KDE review, and latte dock moving into extragear this has been a busy week.

PS: Here is the announcement at devheads:


god yes! this is good news! this might make the experience a little better with nvidia gpu’s, I reckon.

I’d certainly hope so, however this may be short lived as everything else moves towards wayland and egl-es.

@ everyone else,
I wonder if this would be a good replacement for openbox and/or kwin on LXQT?
Hopefully, this doesn’t depend on as much extra cruft as Plasma (kwin) does.
I’ll need to make a pkgbuild for this and find out.

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KDE developers are solely focusing on wayland adaptability. It should be kwin wayland compositor ready.

This is going to be useful for remote desktops (e.g. x2go) where 3D acceleration isn’t available.

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Yes, but if the point of liquid shell is not requiring compositing, then being kwin-wayland ready would be an oxymoron.

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@AJSlye Oah man, I had to look up that “oxymoron” term in the dictionary …hahahha you had me killed with that language…:sob:

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on my lxqt install it pulls ~50 deps


So, basically KDE Frameworks (kf5)?
Is it selectable under lxqt?

heavy developement… new dependency (knewstuff)… i am on it.

huh… for usability one would need ksysguard and kconfig too. its really early alpha yet, but not bad.

What problem do Nvidia GPUs have with KDE?
After you get some form of Nvidia installed and working, I’ve never actually seen any particular problem with any part of kde.

Its getting Nvidia running properly in any linux that seems to be the biggest problem.

Only 50?
ANY part of kde, added to lxqt is going to pull in a boat load of stuff.
You really don’t want to go down that road.
You had a reason for going with lxqt. Don’t lose site of that.

Nvidia and KDE are involved in a pissing contest over Wayland implementation specifics.

Bottom line is KDE Wayland on nvidia gpus won’t be working for the foreseeable future.


Well since wayland only pretends to work at all, (still hands off a lot of work to xorg) that’s hardly a big loss.

Besides, I’m not sure you can lay this baby at KDE’s doorstep, its strictly a wayland problem - they don’t want to build the bridge to Nvidia’s published API.

Nvidia doesn’t want to rewrite their API to Wayland’s way. They’ve got a couple million cards in the field, wayland has exactly one distro that uses it.

KDE is an innocent bystander here, preferring to stay with xorg until Wayland does everything it set out to do. So far, its not faster, its not more secure, its not as capable, and its not network transparent.


What a load of crap.
Rant started…
Nvidia’s egl-streams is only compatible with their own hardware, and no one else. This would mean that two separate code paths would need to be maintained, and that every compositing effect, etc. would need to be written, and rewritten to support both egl-stream and gbm. Besides the KDE project, QT, Enlightenment foundation, and others have already said that they are not, and will not, implement anything unsupported by upstream.

Believe it or not , there are some people, like me, that would never buy anything Nvidia because of their proprietary, and anti-competitive practices. Just like AMD/ATI, at some point Nvidia will either need to embrace the open source community, or we will just continue to ignore them into irrelevance…
Rant over…


Nvidia has said they are not implementing XWayland either.

I’m not, just stating there is a pissing contest currently ongoing. If anything this is an nvidia issue IMO. EGLStreams requires divergent Wayland code paths purely to support nvidia gpus, which is the sticking point.

For the GPU driver and Wayland compositor to be compatible they must support the same buffer API. There are two main APIs: GBM and EGLStreams.

Nvidia is the only gpu driver that doesn’t support GBM, and has explicitly stated they won’t.

To my knowledge Gnome doesn’t support nvidia Wayland either (ie EGLStreams), but they have the resources (ie Red Hat) to handle the extra workload required to make it work eventually.

No, that is exactly what they are doing, going against the grain compared to other gpu manufacturers.

KDE is forging ahead with Wayland, it is not production ready, but works reasonably well with intel drivers.

What they have said is they won’t potentially break or destabilize xorg purely to force Wayland prematurely.

Actually, the KDE team, as well as the Enlightenment foundation, and many others, are currently working hard to implement Wayland properly with their compositors. Xwayland is only meant as a compatibility layer so that applications that have not been ported to run natively under Wayland will continue to function. The fact that gnome has decided to patch their compositor with the nvidia patches themselves and maintain two code paths for their compositor, is just one more reason for me to not run gnome, not that I would of in the first place.