Linux multi-color fonts

Is there support for colored fonts in KDE Plasma yet? I’m following this guide for colored emojis on Linux, but the emojis are B&W.

I have never seen a B&W emoji anywhere
not in any distro, not in any DE - plasma included, not in any TV that wasn’t a B&W TV - hard to come by these days …

I suppose you need a special configuration to have the emojis show up as B&W. :wink:

Here’s the OpenEmoji Color font in Font Viewer:

… and how is this relevant?

I’m showing you colored emojis aren’t working for me. Colored emojis are only working in Firefox.

OpenEmoji Color should also work on Edge. In other places this font will be black and white. If you want colored emoji everywhere, you should use Noto Color Emoji font.

So Noto Color Emoji doesn’t use SVGinOT?

No. It uses CBDT/CBLC.

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