Linux manjaro KDE & wayland (newbie)

Hello! I'm brand new, brand new both in Linux and on the forum.
I have 1 but a very broad question.
I installed Linux, in order to begin to learn what art is to create. For only with Linux can you dazzle what will please your soul.

and here yesterday, for the first time in my life, I installed Manjaro KDE, I’ll say right away I wasn’t for games. For games, I have a Windows neighbor.
I began to wonder how to beautifully decorate my work environment and already found an option. but the question remained how to remove sometimes arising friezes in terms of graphics. and then I heard about Wayland, read that it is able to make the system even more smooth and userfriendly, tell me if it is?
I would be glad if you would prompt me the most such MUSTHAVE on settings to make moderately clean packages so on 700, and a beautiful / very smooth system.

Do not scold for my grammar, I do not understand English well, my assistant in writing this article was Google Translate. I’m Russian myself, if there is anyone from Russia and do not mind communicating and helping me in this matter, please knock on the PM and be active in the topic. Once again, I ask you to excuse me if somewhere, not so, or not quite accurately put it!
Thanks to all!

Всем привет! Я новенький , совсем новенький как в линукс так и на форуме.
у меня 1 но очень обширный вопрос.
Установил я линукс, с целью начать познавать что же такое искусство творить. Ибо только с линукс можно слепить то что будет радовать твою душу.

и тут я вчера первый раз в своей жизни установил Manjaro KDE , скажу сразу ос мне не для игр. Для игр у меня сосед Windows .
Начал задаваться вопросом как наиболее красиво украсить свою рабочую среду и уже нашел вариант. но остался вопрос как убрать иногда возникающие фризы в плане графики. и тут услышал об Wayland , прочитал что он способен сделать систему еще более плавной и userfriendly , подскажите мне так ли оно?
Я был бы рад если бы вы мне подсказали самый такой MUSTHAVE по настройкам чтобы сделать в меру чистую пакетов так на 700, и красивую/очень плавную систему.

Не ругайте за мою грамматику , я плохо понимаю английский, мой помощник в написании данной статьи являлся Google Translate. Сам я Русский , если есть кто из россии и не против пообщаться и помочь мне в данном вопросе , прошу стучите в ЛС и проявляйте активность в теме. Еще раз прошу меня извинить если где то , не так , или не совсем точно выразился!
Всем спасибо!

can you open a terminal and copy the output of 'inxi -Fxz' to the forum that we get a overview of the hardware ?

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Wayland is not the answer. Try first installing the 4.19 kernel and boot into it. I had the same system sluggish behavior with the 5.4 kernel and had to switch back myself.

Wayland не является ответом. Попробуйте сначала установить ядро 4.19 и загрузиться в него. У меня было такое же медленное поведение системы с ядром 5.4, и мне пришлось самому переключаться обратно.

Wayland ne yavlyayetsya otvetom. Poprobuyte snachala ustanovit' yadro ​​4.19 i zagruzit'sya v nego. U menya bylo takoye zhe medlennoye povedeniye sistemy s yadrom 5.4, i mne prishlos' samomu pereklyuchat'sya obratno.

Well, thanks for the response, I'll try to roll back to another core. But first, I want to understand why the new LTS core behaves like this.

1: It's not actually an LTS yet, it's only slotted to become one after 5.5, or later, takes it's place as stable upstream. Not all kernels that are slotted by upstream to become an LTS actually do, most, but not all. However I digress, that's another issue, and discussion, altogether.

2: There is more than this one particular bug/regression with the 5.4 kernel series atm.

3: I would ask the kernel developers that question.
However, since the Manjaro kernels are modified with third party patches, it could also be on Manjaro's end (one or more of the patches) that is causing these issues.

4: In other words, I do not know.
All I can say for sure is that personally, I wouldn't have made this kernel the default with these kinds of issues, but hey, that's just me. :wink:

which core do you recommend?
which core do you recommend?
Is the kernel better to use one? And yes, the question is, right now, should I demolish the whole wasp? will it be more correct? and configure it on another kernel?

I don't quite understand what you are asking.
Are you substituting the word core for kernel?

At any rate, it's very easy in Manjaro to have different kernels installed on your system, and switch between them at boot. Just use Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel to install the 4.19 kernel. When it's finished, reboot into that kernel (grub should default to the last kernel installed). If all is at good that point with the 4.19 kernel, then you can always use the same utility to remove the 5.4 kernel, if you so desire.

Thank you.

Strange, but the problem didn’t go away. The screen saver hangs at startup.

Why would the screensaver (lock screen) be coming up at boot?
The system should be booting into sddm, which doesn't run on wayland last I checked.

Well anyway, kwin_wayland is still in development, it's not exactly ready for daily use.
Have you tried asking the kwin devs?

No, I did not communicate with kwin developers.
I just don’t understand why manjaro is a little buggy on my powerful enough ssd machine.

Yeah, in Russian there's one word for English "core" (e.g. CPU core) and "kernel". Souns like "yadr'o". We speak like "yadro OS" or "yadro CPU" - one word for different things in English, but there's logic behind it.

As for the OP,
Вас попросили ещё во втором сообщении в теме дать в терминале команду

и написать сюда то, что она выдаст. Мы ждём.

Please run Manjaro Settings Manager and click on Hardware Configuration, followed by the 'Auto Install Proprietary Driver' if it's available. Sometimes the opensource drivers do not play nicely with discrete GPU cards. Proprietary ones usually suffer less glitches and freezes. Restart after any change is applied for it to have any effect of course.

I don't remember anyone mentioning Nvidia.
Those are the only gpu's that can even use proprietary drivers anymore.

As far as hybrid graphics, the system would be using the Intel chip anyway.
Also with prime, the opensource drivers work with it out of the gate.
Only the nvidia proprietary driver needs special setup, which is provided via the nvidia-prime package.
Prime will soon be default for mhwd anyway, Bumblebee is dead, long live Prime. LOL..

So? The symptoms suggest they are using nouveau, that's why I said about that. If not applicable, the button is not present anyway. :shushing_face:

IF the OP had posted the requested inxi dump then this may already have been resolved. changing kernels doesn't evidently help, so looking at drivers in use is a logical step

я извиняюсь , да я напишу завтра что он выдаст поставлю все заного. и конфигурацию пк скину.

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