Linux Kernel 5.5 is out with rpi4 native support!

So, looks like rpi4 got some love from the linux comunity with native BCM2711 support on the linux kernel 5.5:
This definitely needs a try on my rpi4, will manjaro be updated to the 5.5 version? Because for now even the mainline is still 5.4.13-1...

pacman -Ss rpi4
core/linux-rpi4 4.19.97-1 [installed]
    The Linux Kernel and modules - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel
core/linux-rpi4-headers 4.19.97-1 [installed]
    Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel
core/linux-rpi4-mainline 5.4.13-1
    The Linux Kernel and modules - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel
core/linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 5.4.13-1
    Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel


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Where did you get that idea?
The 5.5 Kernel has been the mainline release, even through it's rc stages, 5.4 is the stable release, and 4.19.99 is still the latest (aka newest) official LTS.

I'm sure once 5.5 moves to the stable release position, and 5.4 becomes the most current LTS release, upstream, Manjaro will also move these up a notch. However, as far as the ISO's, Manjaro only ships these with LTS releases on them (officially released as such upstream, or not)

It's about Manjaro arm..
It's not exactly the same as Manjaro.

Certainly.. it has been released yesterday so let some time to the devs to do their jobs

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Yes Strit is already working on it. It is still under testing with all our supported devices, once testing is done by our devs then it will be released for public.

Appreciate your interest in getting the latest kernel. Even we're excited for the new release :wink:

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While the 5.5 kernel does include a rpi4 DTS, you should be aware that it's a very basic DTS.

Which means it's basically enough to get it booting. There is probably no stuff, like sound or suspend. Maybe not even HDMI out.

But you are welcome to try it out. The upstream kernel is packaged as linux-aarch64, so you could try installing linux-aarch64 and uboot-raspberrypi.
But be aware, that this will remove your current kernel and boot files and exchange them for some that might not work.

We haven't begun actually testing upstream on the Raspberry Pi 4 devices yet.

Thank you very much for the tip, i'll try it this afternoon and let you know.

No luck, the 5.5 kernel in the current state fails to boot.

The rpi4-linux-mainline package fails to boot once updated to 5.5,

Waiting 10 seconds for device /dev/mmcblk0p2
Mounting '/dev/mmcblk0p2' on real root
/new_root: special device /dev/mmcblk0p2 does not exist

Then it drops me into an emergency shell.

EDIT: This is just a warning for people not to update if they are running linux-rpi4-mainline, not trying to pressure the devs.

Hm. That's really strange.

We haven't changed anything to how it should work. We only updated the source from 5.4 to 5.5.
Both the old and the new source are both from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

My system also doesn’t boot.

Mine also doesn't boot. On the boot output it appear to have a problem with the sd card reader

mmc1: queuing unknown CIS tuple 0x80

Anyone knows a way to recover the system?

I just upgraded kernel through pamac and it rendered the Pi4 unbootable with /dev/mmcblk0p2 does not exist, and dropping to an emergency shell. Do not update the kernel yet.

What's the content of:

And output from lsblk?

There is no /boot dir and fstab is empty. Lsblk not found.

That's very odd. We did not remove or change anything in fstab.

Here's the commit of the kernel update:

It seems it cannot access the SDcard at all, and the fstab is of the emergency shell hence it's empty.

And the only package update was the kernel?

Well i manage to recover the system. I found an old sd card laying around, so i burn the boot partition from the sd i use as the system one. Since i have a micro-sd card to usb adaptor i put the system sd on the usb. Also i have to change on the old sd card the cmdline.txt:




With the old sd card on the raspberry pi sd port and the other with the adaptor on a usb the system boot. The odd part was that the boot was mounted from the usb sd not the port one, also the port sd card wasn't recognise at all. So from here was easy, just have to do:

sudo pacman -S linux-rpi4 linux-rpi4-headers

I used the cmdline.txt.pacsave and config.txt.pacsave since i have them a little modify. From here i poweroff the raspberry, put the system sd on the port and boot.

No, there were a bunch of others too, I last updated the system a few days ago. The only notable that struck my eye was the 5.5 kernel...

somebody1121: it IS the kernel then. Thanks for the info, I will try to recover it once I got to my SD reader and a spare card.

So the device descriptor changed from kernel 5.4 to 5.5 for some reason... That's good to know. Will have to test when I get home.

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