Linux-amlogic kernel

I’ve got an X96 Air which uses the sm1_ac213_4g dtb under Android. There is no such dts in chewitt’s tree but there is one in CoreELEC’s (Amlogic’s?) linux-amlogic tree, along with many other dts’:

One issue with this tree, before I’ve even attempted to build it, is that it is based on Linux 4.9 which is pretty old, too old to support panfrost which needs at least Linux 5.2.

Has anyone tried this kernel with manjaro? Could it be a better option for those who don’t use graphics or need the latest kernel features? Maybe there is a non-free GPU driver that works with this kernel?

Dtbs from 4.x kernel don’t work with 5.x , so these from corelec are not usefull for manjaro.


That’s what I expected.