Linux 6.9 and realtek 8192eu driver compatibility

Hi everyone!

With the addition of the Linux kernel 6.9Ii tried to check if the network drivers have been updated to do the transition, when I checked in pamac for the 8192ue drivers I only got as result the drivers already installed, in this package the link to arch repository info got removed (to check with the maintainer any info) so my question is: Are the 8192ue drivers officially supported in the new Linux 6.9 kernel?

Thank you for the info ^^

The 8192eu-dkms package was deleted, use one of the other related packages. It seems some still may be duplicates.

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Packages on details have links to github or arch repository to communicate with the packager, in this case the packager was in the arch repository but the link is no more in details so… there is that, i don’t know if the package got abandoned or if it has official support in the new kernel.

Did you see the edits to my reply?. Normally things like that magically update before your eyes, however sometimes one must refresh the page.

EDIT: The first link I provided states why the package was deleted. :wink:

Yes, I just saw the edited comment XD, searching for 8192ue only shows as result the deleted package as you mention, Is there any other solution for the hardware?

Did you mean…


Yes! 8192eu-dkms

Ohh I’m getting an error reading the aur data thing!, i know maybe this is not the place but I’m getting this:

Synchronizing with databases...
cp: keeping dates from '/var/tmp/pamac/dbs/sync': Operation not allowed
chmod: changing permissions of '/var/tmp/pamac/dbs/sync': Operation not allowed
Nothing to do.
Operation completed successfully.

how can i fix it :confused:

Now that we’re on the same page, go back and read my reply regarding the deleted package. :wink:

First, make sure you’re installing a package that actually exists. See above.

Other than that, make sure you’re fully up to date and have libpamac 11.6.4+2+g1421283-1 to see if that helps.

You can always build the package manually regardless.

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I think my problem is no longer the driver, the package is is still there i just need to wait until its get updated :smile:
Now my problem is pamac not doing anything, I think i should open a new thread for that;
Thanks for the help :grinning:

I think pamac is using some sort of mirrored copy of the AUR - use yay instead (for instance)

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I think my pamac was broken after the update, I’m using yay now as you mention and it’s doing things XD
Thank you so much for the help!

“Broken” how? Did you…


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