[Linux 4.9.11][PATCH][REQUEST] Enable Multitouch Support for Surface Pro 3

@ReWritable: that is no problem at all. The ISO will include the kernel anyway. Take all the time you might need. If some is missing we have to wait for the next point release, as compiling kernels sometimes takes up to one hour …

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I forgot to say thanks. This kind of reactivity to a proposal from the “outside” is rarely seen in major open source projects. It looks like my SP3 will finally be Manjarofied!

BTW, will the .ISO builds include Gnome edition? Obviously kernel can be tested with just about anything, but it likely is the most suitable DE for this form factor.

We provide XFCE and KDE editions. Gnome will be provided as a community editions. Most likely it will adopt the same kernel as linux49 is the kernel which will be used in general for v17.0 release.

I’ll test for ya. I’m doing a fresh wipe on the Surface and I’ll be running 17.0-rc2 as the solo OS on the computer.
I’ll let you know as soon as it gets released and I can test it.

x86_64 is ready for testing in our unstable branch.

Forgive my ignorance, where can I find it?

i686 should be online in about half an hour. Follow the steps of our wiki for accessing our unstable repos. The ISOs will be available when released. Follow our blog and forum announcements for the same.

@philm thanks for much for the quick work on this! It’s really refreshing to see a distro team that’s so open to suggestions from the community :slight_smile:


Pardon, this is my 1st time being involved with Manjaro’s development releases. Did I understand correctly I should:

  • Download any any edition, install, enable unstable repos, update kernel, test?
  • Or is there an .ISO release to download, install & test?

And to confirm: 4.9.12 is the kernel release with the SP3 patch applied?

No, there is no special ISO, just download the most recent one and switch to unstable as described in the wiki entry linked by philm.

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I’ll release v17.0-rc2 today, which includes the kernel. So wait for its release.

Got the unstable updates installed from the mirror. TYPECOVER WORKS!
Windows button on surface good, Wifi good, Volume buttons good, Power good, touch screen good, typecover trackpad doesn’t work though.
Thoughts? Anything I can put up to help troubleshoot it?

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Downloaded the RC1 KDE, switched to Unstable repo, upgraded linux49:

  • Two finger scrolling works on the touchpad :white_check_mark:
  • Mouse emulation needs to be enabled, or taps are not registered as mouse clicks :question:
  • Also the mechanical touchpad buttons/corners work :white_check_mark:

All the basic hardware features work: Touch screen, Windows-button, volume buttons, power button. I have just tested about 10 minutes, so can’t say anything about the stability. I was very surprised to see Fedora 25 acting all wonky on this, as the basic features have been Ok for some time.

So the initial expression is that this is quite usable! Need to test more.

@philm Found one non-Surface related issue, maybe. There is a delay of 0,5…1 seconds when opening the Application Launcher. Changing to Application Menu had no impact. I run Manjaro KDE stable on two PC:n and I have not noticed anything like this on them – and the SP3 is much more powerful than my aging Thinkpad x301, so this should not be a performance issue.

17.0-rc2 is now released. Have fun.

BTW, since you mentioned that additional SP3 patches are implemented upstream to the Linux 4.10, in my opinion it is totally feasible to have the support in the leading edge kernel only, rather than 4.9LTS. The SP3 is 99% usable on vanilla 4.9, so that the end user can boot and use the device the switch the kernel to 4.10+.

So which ever is the better or “right” approach from Manjaro maintainers perspective can be used for acceptable results and user experience. Patching 4.9 is of course a bit better, as it enables support on first boot using future live media releases.

The xfce iso can’t be found for download?
Actually neither can the kde…


@Snuggi3: SF.net has some issues. We reuploaded to OSDN.net. Please get it from there.

I’ve uploaded now v4.10.1, which includes similar patches as we added to v4.9.12. With v4.10.2 we will also add the support for LID and buttons.

How about the Surface pro 4 type cover? Is this working with the latest update? I’m currently on another OS but would like more support with my Surface Pro 4.

Does it work with multi touch? touch screen on gnome? how about when I close the lid does it sleep?


I would test it with my Surface Pro 4, too.
Is it supported? Which community (LXQT, Fluxbox?) builds should work?

I got Manjaro working with the Surface Pro 4. The touchpad works with 2 finger scroll, 2 finger tap to right click and single tap to left click.

(Please note the trackpad doesn’t work at all unless you upgrade the kernal to 4.1.1)

Things that don’t work.

  • Left and right corner hardware clicks
  • 3/4 finger touchpad multitouch commands
  • Sleep works but not when I press the hardware button it just flickers and doesn’t let you log back it.
  • Removing the keyboard and plugin it back in again
  • The touchscreen doesn’t work.

If anyone can help with fixing the things that don’t work that would be awesome.

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