Linux 4.12

Any feedback about this newly release kernel?

What do you want to know?

It’s available in the repos so give it a go, sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux412

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it is already available here sir im just waiting for some feedbacks :sweat_smile:

Freezes all the system when I try to run virtualbox and when I return from suspend on my gnome desktop. I read somewhere else that some others are facing the same problem.


Same problems here, cannot resume from suspend on my all intel laptop.


I have only very briefly tested 4.12, and everything seems to be fine here.
Haven’t tested VirtualBox yet, but will do so. I saw that the vbox modules 5.1.22 need a patch in order to compile (included in Manjaro), maybe related to the issue, maybe not…


Indeed, same here. Virtualbox freezes the system.

same here vbox freezes system…also tried linux-hardened from arch and linux-pf 4.12 same thing

kernel4.12 with ndiswrapper and ACPI_call and Nvidia works ( vbox not testing )

I don’t have VBox crashes here - meaning VBox itself, not the virtual machines which I haven’t tested.
Custom 4.12, 1000 Hz tick, very close to Manjaro’s.

hi torvic…could you provide an pkgbuild for your config like your 49vd ?

would be great

Yes, I will upload to github. There’s no MuQSS yet, though.

with all modules please bumblebee and nvidia…thx

Ah, it’s the kernel! And here I was blaming gnome updates for it… :sweat_smile:

Interesting that the freezes did not occur when it was just rc. This not the first time for me that otherwise excellent kernel has gotten issues after losing release candidate status.

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It’s up on github now:

Nvidia and vbox modules included, but no bumblebee as I don’t have such hardware to test.

EDIT/Important: I can confirm the VirtualBox crash. It’s a hard crash and freezes the computer completely. Even SysRq doesn’t work. This must be looked into.
I opened an issue on Manjaro’s github:

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thank you…compiling now…is 1000hz ok for my haswell laptop?

think it is an vbox problem…

trying testbuild later


acknowledged…testbuild works fine…vbox 5.1.23…just to let you know

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Yes, but possibly more battery consumption. If not sure, choose the Manjaro/Arch default of 300 Hz.

works wonderful for me 1watt higher power consumption…but very good reaction times

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