Link Website to Desktop/Folder



When I drag the SSL Icon from the Chromium URL-Bar to the desktop or inside a Dolphin window showing any folder, I can choose to save a link to this page there.

Sadly with firefox this doesn’t work. Does anybody know of a method I can save a link to a page with firefox? Or of a place where I could ask the firefox developers to add this feature?

Copying the URL to Chromium to save the link as clickable “.desktop” file is a rather annoying method…

Drag Website-Links from Firefox to other virtual Desktops

drag the link to the website BUT press the right click button at the same time when you have the cursor where you want the file and choose link here. It’s a bit fiddly but it works


I’m thankful to know a workaround, but still I find it strange that I can get the same popup allowing for creating a desktop link to a website from chrome with just dragging from the left mouse button but with Firefox I need the switch to the right mouse button during drag for making it work.

Is this a problem arising through the combination of KDE & Firefox or stemmed from the way Arch / Manjaro configures the Firefox build / package? (Or through some other interaction between Firefox and some other Arch or KDE specific software / package / package version?)

I just tested again with my Mint+Cinnamon laptop - there I can simply drag the SSL Icon anywhere either from Chromium or Firefox and it saves a link. No right mouse key required in either of them.