Link to the wiki or main Manjaro page from the forums?

I don’t see any links to get back to the main page or to get to the wiki from the forums.

In case it matters, I’m fully up to date with kernel 6.1 and using firefox. Posting an inxi for this seems unecessary but I will happily provide one if needed.

While I do know how to get to both sites, for me personally it would be more convenient to click a link, rather than having multiple Manjaro related bookmarks or typing the url in.

The sidebar might be a good spot for them, if they don’t already exist somewhere else and I overlooked them.

Just a minor inconvenience that might have a simple fix.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day.

Technically you are correct, there is no link to the main page itself. However, just about every link down at the bottom is a page on the same domain. Click any of those then click the Manjaro logo in the upper left to go back “home”.

By the way, the Wiki link is under Support :point_down:

Hmm, I do not have any links at the bottom of the page. There are buttons for share, bookmark, flag, reply and watching, with a note that i’ll recieve notifications for this post. then the page ends. i disabled all my extensions and still the same but i’m guessing this might be a firefox thing.

I think this is dependent on your forum theme.
Preferences >> Interface >> Theme

(Edit: yeah, quick check and my “Dark” shows nothing, but “Material Design Theme” does)

That was it, thank you!

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