Limited replies for new user

This post?

You’re a TL1 here already, but not a TL2 yet…

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the only annoying thing, for me, was going back to not being able to post images (that are sometime critical to show a problem accurately)


Somehow that seems wrong. I come here to learn new ways to do things, tips & tricks are invaluable to new (and old) users. If you switch to PM then nobody else learns how things were fixed or corrected in your situation. Plus nobody else can offer assistance.

switching to PM does not prevent anyone from posting the solution in the topic once the process is done.

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Somebody must have screwed them, because after 20 days I’m still not TL2
And I still cannot post links at all.
My status didn’t change in the last days, but now somehow I can.

It’s not how often you visit, but how active you are within the community ─ i.e. reading posts, visiting threads, and replying to them.

The permissions were recently relaxed, because it was too difficult for the rest of us to respond. :wink:


I know, I have read the official criteria.
But after a week of checking the forums left and right and even earning the enthusiast badge… I’m still left clueless.
Are you still following the default TL2 limits?

I believe so, yes. As far as I know, the criteria were not changed, only the posting permissions for TL0 and TL1. :thinking:


Ok… crazily enough I just got promoted seconds ago.
Sorry for the bother.

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