Limited connectivity

I’m trying to install Manjaro but when I boot with a flash drive, either re-create the flash drive or try another flash drive or an older iso, I always have the same problem, I have limited connectivity and the manjaro installer doesn’t detect my language etc. etc. If I can install but then, I cannot install any application or make updates.
I have previously used Manjaro without any problem on that pc, In Windows 11 everything works perfectly.
Help please thank you.

Hi @mlpbcn,

How old is the ISO?

Can you still access the internet, despite the Limited Connectivity message?

Please provide the output of:




…from the live environment, please.

I have tried it with this manjaro-kde-22.0.5-230316-linux61.iso, which I think is the latest and with this manjaro-kde-21.3.0-220617-linux515.iso and I cannot access the internet and therefore I have no response to execute pings

The output of the ping command would possibly have helped see if there is a problem with the gateway or the DNS server. That’s why I asked them. The error messages would possibly have provided a clue to which one.

It can also be that the driver for your NIC isn’t in the kernel and has to be installed separately, possibly from the AUR. But we need to check first and identify devices, if possible. You can see what device it is’ and in there’s a driver loaded for it, with:

inxi -N

For example:

$ inxi -N

Device-1: Intel Ethernet I219-V driver: e1000e

Previously I had manjaro installed on that pc but I had to reinstall from 0 so it’s not a problem with the Nic and I’ve put the dns in the figure of the connection

Please check the output of:

inxi -N

…to make sure the driver is loaded.

This is what inxi -N returns:

Device-1: Intel I211 Gigabit Network driver: igb