Limepanel multimonitor support

Hey. I’m new with arch base distro coming from Debian.

I have a rather unusual dual monitor setup with 1 vertical and 1 horizontal. I’m looking for solutions to create a separate panel for each monitor or at least only show panel on the primary monitor.

As for right now, it’s almost broken. I have to toggle it with right super because the bar from the vertical monitor will extend to horizontal.

I actually set the horizontal monitor as primary but the panel still shows on the vertical monitor

I hope someone can understand my broken English. Thank you.

Hi. limepanel script has limited configuration options, so you might need to edit the script itself. It uses lemonbar to draw the panel. You can modify its geometry argument so that the panel can fit on one screen. Edit /usr/bin/limepanel and almost at the end of the script change the line

   -g x$panel_height \

to, for example,

   -g 1920x$panel_height+1080 \

Here I assume 1920 is the width of DP-2 and 1080 is the width of DP-0. Use actual dimensions of your monitors instead.


Would you recommend changing to Polybar? From what I read it have more fine grain configuration for multi monitor.

@kainonergon info is spot on, to add my personal example:

I run limepanel on dual monitors (they’re both horizontal though). What I did was push it over to the second monitor. The -g or geometry option line in the lemonbar command at the end of /usr/bin/limepanel is the place to configure this.

The options I’m using are -g 1670x$panel_height+1365+5 \

And it looks like this only on the right monitor:

More info can be found at GitHub - LemonBoy/bar: A featherweight, lemon-scented, bar based on xcb

-g widthxheight+x+y

Set the window geometry. If a parameter is omitted it’s filled with the default value. If the y parameter is specified along with the -b switch then the position is relative to the bottom of the screen.

I haven’t used any other panel/bars personally with bspwm. I have seen others use lxpanel, xfce4-panel, polybar and, tint2 with bspwm happily. I think it mostly depends on if it fits per user.

Which panel/bar were you using @xircon? Any multi-monitor use?


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