Lightweight laptop for running only Manjaro: any buying suggestion?

Dear all,

I'm gonna buy a laptop for working and travelling to conferences and maybe some of you guys would have buying suggestions.

So, these are my only priorities: lightweight and long-life quality (min. 6 years).

Lightweight: I'm considering everything under the 1,5 kg barrier with 13,3", 14" or 15" screens, although I might prefer 14".

Long-life quality: obviously I would like to spend as less money as possible, but I can pay some 1.000 euro for a really long-lasting machine. This means, a machine both with high-end quality (not necessarily something beautiful, but something durable) and with specifications that wouldn't require buying another one in 4-5 years to have a decent performance under Manjaro KDE (but I can totally consider a RAM upgrade, for example). I'd like to produce as less e-waste as possible (unless someone convinces me that another approach is better for the environment!). If a specific choice for more durability (metal instead of plastic?) would require the price to be higher, I'll tend to pay the price.

I will solely run one operating system on it, and since I'm a satisfied 7-years Linux user, no question on this. I'm using Manjaro KDE since some months, and my plans count on having only this operating system running on my laptop for the next 6 years.

I'll buy the laptop in Austria, but maybe it would ship from other places in Europe.

If prices would significantly go down at any time of the year (is there Black Friday in November in Europe?), I could wait some 3-4 months.

If you don't have any specific hint, but would like also to comment my options - especially on the things that I should stick with for it to be durable, or any other significant environmental suggestion regarding this order -, this would already be good.



How about a Manjaro Bladebook? Or one of the other laptops from the Manjaro shop?

My personal best investment was an €269 Acer C720 Chromebook that I flashed with a librefied BIOS and added a bigger SSD in.

Professionally I am using Manjaro on a Thinkpad T460 and I'd easily recommend a secondhand Thinkpad with good specs for long and troublefree Manjarooing.


Also keep in mind:


This really can't be beaten.


Good point. People including me tend to get excited talking about hardware preferences. But we did a good job plugging the Manjaro shop so far, right? :wink:


Sorry, didn't seen this before. Should I close the thread somehow? Or would you like yourself to do it? Again sorry for this. Maybe I can begin another thread simply asking for things that would make a laptop endure more time.

I think the best answers have already been given. :wink:

Can't help it, still love making hardware reccomendations. Dollar for dollar with upgrades and long term repair parts in mind a thinkpad t430 or t440p are still a great buy.

By the way, thanks for the recommendation. I'm having a look at the suggestions right now.

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The rule was written before Manjaro hardware was available. :wink:

@talestomaz, seriously, you seem to be the right customer for Manjaro hardware! Just have a look at the specs of Manjaro laptops and you'll see they were build with exactly those things in mind which you mentioned. Not the minimal price, but meant to last several years (decades?).


Thanks, @eugen-b, good to know that there is hardware built to last several years! I'm really appreciating these options!

Well, we work on a new model. 14" fanless and long battery life. Should be ready late October 19.

  • Full-HD (1920 x 1080) IPS-Panel non-glare
  • 8 GB RAM (up to 16 GB) | Keyboard with backlit (layouts: CH, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, US)
  • Intel Core i5-8200Y (2x 1.3-3.9GHz Dual-Core, 4 Threads, 4MB Cache, 5W TDP)
  • 250 GB Samsung 860 EVO (M.2 SATAIII) - up to 2 TB
  • optional UMTS / LTE module
  • Intel Dual AC 9260 & Bluetooth 5 (up to 1730Mbps)
  • up to 12h battery life
  • Manjaro XFCE or Manjaro KDE (Juhraya)
  • 24 months / 2 years warranty - assembled in Germany
  • EU power cord | FC6
  • Shipping to most countries of the EU and USA

Let's do some promo for Frede



...a bit off topic, but from the heart. :green_heart:


That looks decent enough but I'm waiting so see what the AMD offering you alluded to in the last Linux Unplugged appearance is :slight_smile:

AMD is always harder to get, but we are on that topic.

basically i would recommend any laptop, as long it has SSD, decent amount of ram + GPU, and working wifi (not realtek), maybe with DVD/BLUERAY if needed, be sure to search the internet for that specific model before purchasing ...
if you get many results with error this error that, then better stay off

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and not HP. :smirk:

x1 carbons check all these boxes no?


Yup, expensive but worth the money.

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I mean support of Manjaro and partners aside, what are you using it for (rhetorical question)?

The key component, really, these days is the wifi card. buy almost any laptop, as long as the wifi card is supported out of the box in the Linux kernel. Other than that you really have to look hard to find hardware older than 6 months that isn't supported by Manjaro.

Pre-owned refurbished thinkpads are good, tho I would stay away from anything older than a 470 since most have been used hard by companies. I work as helpdesk at the Swedish Medical Protection Agency and trust me. Those laptops are looking like ■■■■ after three years. There is of course also the question "Big built in screen and keyboard, or small laptop with dock"? etc... Personally I prefer a big laptop, having to connect and external screen and keyboard to my laptop would be annoying. To ME, that is.


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