Lightdm-webkit2-greeter no longer accepts the password submission (due to webkit2gtk)

Hi, after today Stable update ([Stable Update] 2022-10-05 - Kernels, Systemd, AMDVLK, Deepin, Pamac, QEMU, Thunderbird, Firefox, 0 A.D., Gradience, Linux Firmware, WINE, GNOME, Pipewire)

I’ve found that the login greeter, when set to lightdm-webkit2-greeter in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, no longer works. I mean: I can type in the password, but it no longer accept the enter key, nor the click to login, so I cannot login (I can switch to tty and execute “startx”): I tried to change the theme, but this doesn’t help. Switch back to lightdm-gtk-greeter, instead, works as expected.

What can/should I check?

Another user faced the same:

As reported here: Lightdm hangs on login - #3 by allanadja

downgrade webkit2gtk to 2.36.7, solve the issue.


Instead of downgrading webkit2gtk to 2.36.7 (wich is a partial update state) better change to lightdm-slic-greeter.

Yep, but I prefer the look (and theme) of lightdm-webkit2-greeter. I am aware of the possibilities/risks of a downgrade; I will wait for a fix, which will be the solution instead of a workaround.

Even a long time user may forget what may cause a system malfunction after an update

If a greeter breaks on update - it is likely the theme which is the culprit - the theme may rely on removed functionality or renamed functionality.

If the theme is in the official repo - it may have been forgotten - perhaps deprecated.

I any case it is v2.38.0 which is in both Arch and Manjaro repo.


The culprit is webkit2gtk:

Yes - I read your comments.

Also the one where you prefer fixes to workarounds - Linux is all about workarounds :grin:

If you check the Packages web and search for webkit2 you will find that all related packages was updated the same day.

Another topic referring to back-in-time issue on Arch forum and eventually the Arch bugtracker

The webkit greeter was a project of Antergos and the project is not developed anymore (archived)

Comment on Arch bugtracker with reference to the webkit-greeter

Edit: I think project is abandonned, repository is readonly, I will switch to lightdm-gtk-greeter, this one works
FS#70099 : [gobject-introspection] lightdm-webkit2-greeter fails to run now since gobject-introspection update

This brings me back to my statement on theme maintenance as the greeter is depending on the Gnome theme API which has changed and is a likely cause for the greeter to fail.

I filed a bug:

webkit2gtk 2.38.1-1 (received in today system update) has solved the issue.

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