Lightdm failed to start with Kernel 5.11.14

I’ve that sometimes too. In my case I suspect that’s a race condition (8 core AMD Risen laptop). To solve it I’ve to open a tty console (CTRL+ALT+F2) and start lightdm manually (sudo systemctl start lightdm), or simply shutdown the laptop (sudo shutdown -h now) and start over again.

Hm, should not be the solution, had this before with 5.9.19

5.10.30 is fine

I know, but that’s what it is. Sometimes in the kernel logs it simply states no display configured, but I can start lightdm manually, so there is a display configured, but not at the time when lightdm tries to start during the boot process. Since it’s only sometimes I’m not that concerned.

Hi there, have a look here:

Last post might be the solution.
(Edit: Changed link to correct post.)

strange came home, powered on my Workstation and lightdm started up with no error. Haven`t changed anything.

There were some people reporting the same issue of lightdm randomly starting/ not starting.

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I have also open an issue on the upstream source (github)

Hm, it happened again if I have time I test 5.11.16 on my host

Seems to be better with 5.11.16<

Put amdgpu to your modules in mkinitcpio

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Thanks @philm was the solution

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