Light (to control Mon. brightness), in Mate where is it?

It is Light (to control Mon. brightness), in Mate where is it? Thought system tool, but no.

Doesn’t the mate menu have a search function like literally all other menus these days?

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It is a terminal application: GitHub - haikarainen/light: GNU/Linux application to control backlights

You can control the brightness with light -A 10 do increase the brightness by a value of 10, or light -U 10 to decrease by 10.

With light -G, you can get the current value.

Maybe you are looking for acpilight if so this one is in the community repositories

[quote=“ben_chile, post:4, topic:109354”]
[/quote]Installed, where is it located?

They both seem to be commands, so they will not show up in any menu.

You run them from the terminal emulator.

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You have to look for this acpilight in the add/remove application and then install it firstly

And then you have to manage acpilight from the terminal as @Strit said; but I recommend that you previously read about acpilght wiki or documentation so as to use it well for your system.
Leave this link about acpilight: acpilight/README.rst at master · wavexx/acpilight · GitHub