Libunity on the repositories


Would be possible to add the libunity to the repositories so the users of the latter dock can use the progression bar/wheel in the dock?


Is it currently in the AUR?



Yeah, and it would require installing like 3 packages from AUR (libunity + 2 dependencies) and I try to keep AUR packages to a minimum.

There several packages that we have on AUR but also on official Manjaro repositories…

I’m just asking for it to be on official repositories like many other packages that have on official repo and also on AUR


This is listed as an optional dependency for latte-dock-git on AUR.

libunity (optional) – quicklists, counters, and progress bars for apps using libunity 

So this latte dock functionality is only relevant for apps using libunity.

Given Manjaro repos doesn’t have libunity I would assume there are no libunity apps, thus you have your answer… :slight_smile:

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That’s a good point, thanks, makes perfect sense.

Although I don’t know if I misinterpreted or not, but if it was a satirical tone to the message, I dunno if I like it, good sir… :thinking:


No satire or sarcasm intended, just info.


Oh, so I misinterpreted, sorry about that, in my here where I live we often use that emoji to be satirical or sarcastic.

Anyway, thanks for the info :3


well tbh this would be nice if manjaro would support this with dash to dock in the gnome de as well I made a similar thread…

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