LibreWolf fails to launch after update

Not sure if this problem has happened before but I couldn’t find anything.

I just updated the librewolf-bin package from the AUR as well as a few packages from the official repo before it.

Now it stalls out and stops launching each time I try to run it. Running it from terminal results in the following:

zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) LibreWolf

I just migrated from Brave to LibreWolf as a browser and it hinders my troubleshooting efforts not having my desktop browser so hopefully I included enough information to resolve this quickly. If not will be happy to provide whatever is needed.

I can’t reproduce that. Try switching to the testing or unstable branch.

If AUR package doesn’t launch after package updates from the repos, try rebuilding the AUR package.

I’ve rebuilt a few times to no avail.

I’ve switched to testing and problem persists. Trying unstable. Oh completely forgot to actually update the packages after switching branches, so doing that in testing branch now.

There is also a flatpak of Librewolf if you need to use it.

Yeah, I tried to make the switch before and remembered having issues with the Flatpak, but will certainly be an option now.

I don’t know if it will work for you, I use Librewolf only as my backup browser at the moment and have the flatpak which is working for me right now.

Okay after some hiccups updating were resolved, switching to the testing branch has appeared to fix the problem.

Hello good sir,

Im on the same boat but I’m fairly new to Linux… how did you swtich it ?

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