LibreOffice Writer - Increase Size Of Toolbars?


Is there any method to increase the size of the toolbars at top on LibreOffice Writer?
Let me know, thanks!




mode we are?

Far too obvious - but alas - Tools β†’ Options β†’ LibreOffice β†’ View

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Sorry, not obvious to me, but thank you!

Hi Again,

Ok, that worked.

I am looking for the place to increase the font size of the menu text.
Can you let me know how to do the above?


Your profile indicates you are using the KDE/Plasma desktop. I’m a XFCE user (former KDE), but have a KDE VM for testing. I did some searches and what I found was that a KDE user should visit the KDE Settings > Appearance > Fonts.

In the KDE Settings, there is a search box in the upper right corner. You can type β€œfonts” and those apps that have a font configuration remain enabled, all others are disabled/gray.

You can get to the Fonts section quickly by typing kcmshell5 fonts in Konsole.

In the Fonts app dialog, there is a label titled Menu:. This is suppose to adjust the size of the menu text. This is a global option.

In Libreoffice, there use to be an option to Scale the UI, but that was removed. There is talk in the bug report about bringing it back.

Perhaps someone has a better solution.