LibreOffice Writer freezing upon Save As

When I save a document as something, a large portion of the screen freezes. This applies to every open window of the app. The doc can still be edited and Saved, but you can’t see what you are doing. I tested this, I typed “test” and saved after the freeze, and when I reopened the doc the “test” edit was there.

This happened some time around the Big update which introduced the new Plasma. Can a rollback remedy this Writer issue? Also, how do I roll back?

Do you have a network drive or storage attached which might run into a timeout?

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Fixed in LibreOffice 24.2.4.



Only if you have snapshot of your system in the previous state.

I am using LibreOffice fresh on Plasma Wayland - no issues

 $ pamac info libreoffice-fresh
Name                  : libreoffice-fresh
Version               : 24.2.3-3
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A big thanks to everyone. I don’t have a network drive nor storage attached. I will wait for 24.2.4.

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