LibreOffice prints empty pages instead of document

===> (not important, but: GNOME unstable) <===

Gerade wollte ich ein Dokument drucken,
und es kam nur eine leere Seite aus dem HP ENVYPhoto_6200.
Selbst erzeugtes Dokument mit LibreOffice still und LibreOffice fresh.
Während LibreOffice still das Dokument beim exportieren (PDF) als leere Seite speichert,
macht das die “fresh” version 7.4.5-1 das richtig.
Das PDF konnte mit evince 44.4-1 gedruckt werden.


I just wanted to print a document
and only a blank page came out of the HP ENVYPhoto_6200.
Self-created document with LibreOffice still and LibreOffice fresh.
While LibreOffice “still” saves the document as a blank page when exporting as PDF,
the “fresh” version 7.4.5-1 does it right.
The PDF could be printed with evince 44.4-1.

the solution was simple, as so often:

In LibreOffice a not installed font caused to print empty page instead of text…
Changing to “Liberation Serif” for example (former this font selection field was empty)
===> everything works now.

Thanks for this info. I’ve been experiencing this same situation and did not understand what was going. Will try this solution next time I come across this problem.

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