Libreoffice is hardly usable in Italian due to missing hyphenation patterns in the Italian language pack

Libreoffice-fresh-it appears to be missing important parts of what it should contain. Notably it misses the Italian thesaurus and hyphenation patterns.
In principle these should also be installable via an extension. Unfortunately, the extension is horribly outdated and has issues with unicode, so the problem cannot be easily worked around. I have reported the problem to arch in FS#73191 : Libreoffice it package misses thesaurus and hyphenation patterns since this seems very much a packaging error.

You should go with it to extension developers, not to Arch or even LO devs – they have nothing to do with it.

Packages for most languages are in repos or AUR – you can install them in anytime. For Italian there are mythes-it and hyphen-it, both in official repo. In my opinion they shouldn’t included by default because not everyone need it.

Since they are both in the repos, they can be installed with:

pamac install mythes-it


pamac install hyphen-it



Hi. You also need to install libmythes package in order to use a thesaurus. It is an optional dependency of libreoffice-fresh so probably it is not installed by default.


This was quite helpful. As a matter of fact, the first thing I tried was to install hyphen-it without mythes-it (because I am not really that interested in the thesaurus) and apparently that was not enough.

Then I resorted into looking for an extension (because with the upstream binaries from the Document Foundation that I used to employ in ubuntu, the Italian dictionaries/hyphenation/thesaurus appear as a pre-installed extension). But I failed too because the only available extension is old and broken.

Finally, installing mythes-it saved the day.

Now my impression is that whatever is needed to get the hyphenation in Italian should be a hard dependency of libreoffice-xxx-it because otherwise LibO is hardly usable in Italian.

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