LibreOffice can not save / open files with Chinese chars in path


  • libreoffice can save / open files with Chinese chars in path


  • Manjaor: Updated on 2020/7/7
  • LibreOffice: Installed on 2020/7/7

If this is what you actually mean, then I don’t see it as a bug, that it can save files.

If you actually mean “can’t”, then yeah it would be a bug.

It can not.

What version of LibreOffice? fresh, still, dev? installed 2021/7/7? If this is, in fact, a bug, it would be a LibreOffice bug and not an issue that Manjaro devs can fix.

In LibreOffice Fresh 7.1.3-2 everything works fine.

I tried three different situations


and everything saved as it should be.


I had a similar problem with French characters. it was due to bad config of Locale (complex stuff in Manjaro, all was not very clear to me)