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With LibreOffice STILL I’m using BASE for several databases. Coming from a DEBIAN-distribution, I found that all my reports under Manjaro cannot run or be opened; furthermore the procedure in Manjaro’s BASE to create a report is really poor, not to say unusable.

I found something on that here, almost three years old and from those days in German language here.

Can’t believe, that no one using Arch or Manjaro can print BASE reports. Please help me out.
Thnak you, Michael

Have you tried libreoffice-fresh to see if the issue still occurs?

No, not yet. How to do this: Both in parallel or first to uninstall the actual version?

I don’t know if they’d work side-by-side. I think it’ll be safer to fully uninstall the Still version first, then install the Fresh version.

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If you want version from repositories it’s impossible. You can install Flatpak version – it’s same as Fresh version and can work next to repo version :wink:

Thank you for your answers. Now I removed LibreOffice STILL and installed LibreOffice FRESH. The problem: As described also here FRESH does not support the ReportBuilder.
There is a bug report in Arch since 2018. Someone describes here a workaround,, that he used successfully; this is the translation from the German page:

Following the hint of the maintainer in my bug report I compiled it myself. This was - despite several attempts - easy, because I could understand what dependencies have to be put back in by means of the diff file.

Unfortunately I do not understand that procedure and for me, this is a real showstopper and I will not be able to use Manjaro without the BASE Reports! I’d appreciate any proposal.

Thank you, Michael

You can try using LibreOffice via Flatpak to see if it works.

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I think the appimage might be your best bet here… but I’d go for a flatpak first.

Thank you for your input; I checked these versions:

  • LibreOffice Still from the Repository: NO ReportBuilder
  • LibreOffice Fresh from the Repository: NO ReportBuilder
  • LibreOffice as Flatpak: seems to work (few hours experience only), ReportBuilder works and old reports (from DEBIAN-based distributions) can be used.

Any idea, how the situation for this repository package can be improved?

You can try the AppImage, since this report says that the AppImage supports Report Builder.

Manjaro uses packages directly from Arch for the most part. So you’ll have to either convince Arch Linux to build it with Report Builder, convince someone here to check dependencies + build + test + maintain every future version in Manjaro, or you need to check dependencies + build + test + maintain it yourself.


After recently testing LibreOffice (not base) I’d say Appimage is a better option than Flatpak - smaller and faster.

It’s a shame you can’t pick and choose to install only base…

Without support, my knowledge is not good enough; but I’m ready to learn: So if someone would support me …
And someone already solved this, please look at my post here.

Same story to convince Arch: The issue is at least from 2012 and the maintainer seems to insist on his point of view, that there are to mana JAVA-dependencies. But if some more users or the Manjaro team asks that question …

Meanwhile I’m ready to replace my Flatpak by the AppImage: Does the AppImage include he language packs for spell-checking and hyphenation, which are missing in Flatpak? If not, how to get these (at least English and German)?

Language shouldn’t be a problem, you can also install language extensions if needed :wink:

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Is Report Wizard the Report Builder that you are referring to? If it is, it is present in libreoffice-fresh-rpm from the AUR. That one is downloaded direct from TDF and the PKGBUILD creates a .zst and installs. I am presently running my own (modified PKGBUILD) of 7.1 RC2 and all is well with that version and previous RC1. 7.1 is expected to be released in early February.

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Appimage is a portable install, not a replacement until you have no requirement for Flatpak. I’d drive them a while before I scrapped either.

Report Builder and Report Wizard is depending on JAVA being installed - and I can fully comprehend the libreoffice package maintainers arguments for not including these modules in the default installation as these creates a hard dependency on JAVA which is really not needed as part of a standard installation.

It is simply to much effort to satisfy very few users and the solution is close.

You can build the libreoffice-dev-bin package from AUR - and to my knowledge it contains everything - including Report Builder and Report Wizard but has a hard dependency on JAVA

pamac build libreoffice-dev-bin

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