Librem5 Phone with Manjaro?

I’ve been pining for a linux phone since the dawn of smartphones. Pun intended, I have a early edition manjaro edition pinephone, which is pretty cool except its ahh, not exactly the best daily driver. . . if you know what i mean…

Anyway I happened chance upon acquiring a brand new Librem 5 phone, which seems pretty rad thus far… although I have a half inclination towards wanting to put manjaro on it just because I like manjaro/arch linux much better than pureos. Maybe its just a force of habit :slight_smile:

anyway if anyone has any experience trying to install manjaro on the Librem5 phone I’d be much interested, I’m having trouble finding much info on it

Well, I guess I found a bit of info for arch

How-to: Arch Linux on a Librem - Software - Purism community

this is gonna be fun…

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The last time somebody tried to port Manjaro to the Librem 5:
the roadblock was getting the kernel to boot.

The instructions you link to try using the stock Arch Linux ARM kernel (and in a later step the linux-hardened kernel, which is also a generic, not device-specific kernel), which may or may not work on the Librem 15 laptops (which is what the linked post lists under “Configuration”), but almost certainly will not boot on the Librem 5 phone.

The Librem 5 is expected to need a custom kernel, building one that boots as an Arch/Manjaro pkg is needed to build a working Manjaro image for the device.

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