Librem 5 smartphone on Manjaro ARM


So from what I know from the Purism company about its smartphone apparently they will support Arch Linux ARM on the smartphone and stated that it may be possible to run it on the smartphone instead of PureOS I was wondering will Manjaro ARM then work on the smartphone with the PureOS Smartphone interface which was designed for the smartphone with them stating Arch Linux could run on it will the Manjaro developers enhance the ARM edition so that it’ll work with the smartphone? Since its related to ARM I hope I’ve posted this topic in the right place since I’m basically new to the forums but was just curious about Manjaro ARM.


Getting Manjaro ARM on the Librem 5 requires a couple of things.

  1. Arch Linux ARM’s guide on how they do it.
  2. A Librem 5 test device.
  3. All the packages Arch Linux ARM uses actually being in their repo.

Pine64/Pinebook is also said to be supported by Arch Linux ARM, but as far as I can see, they still need specific kernels and bootloaders to work, which is not in the Arch Linux ARM repo’s.

So, 1 will probably happen soon, if they rumors are actually true.
2 will only happen if Purism decides to ship me a device for free. Unlikely.
3 will likely happen, if it’s supported by the main Arch Linux ARM developers.


Fair enough response, Strit. I didn’t realize that getting the ARM edition to work on such a device requires those configuration changes.


ARM as a platform is quite different from X86. Each vendor has it’s own way of getting the kernel to boot. Raspberry Pi does it one way, Odroid another way and Pine64 a third way. :slight_smile:


On the Purism Forum, someone mentioned this would be a comparable board to get started on:

Would it work to have someone on the Manjaro or Arch side get this board and start hacking on it would it HAVE to be the exact Purism Dev Board?


Would probably have to be the exact board, because of chipset drivers.


Would having a board like this at least help with getting the SOC running though?

Sorry I’m just learning this stuff.


But the Arch people should be getting one if they are suppose to have support for the phone when its released.