Librem 5 OS development

Haven't seen the phone being able to do much yet. It can kind of do calling but I heard it doesn't work properly. Will it be delayed a lot as in evergreen coming out past mid 2020 or will the software actually work properly by launch. I mean it is a phone and it can't do a normal phone call well and there are so many other issues with the device as well such as heat dissipation. I have watched various product videos of it's improvement but it isn't really good yet. It looks just as fast as what I would expect from an iphone 4s.

I remember when I thought it might have apk emulation support in a proper sandbox in the future but I am concerned if they will ever even ship evergreen at this point due to their funding. They keep on rising the price of the product on their page and their income stream from their laptops doesn't seem substantial enough. I have a suspicion that they are surviving off pre-orders at this point but that is probably a little too much negative skepticism . Will they make it or fail like every other phone that tried to succeed like them?

Also, this is just my opinion but pureOS desktop seems bland and generally terrible apart from it running FOSS everything and working fine on their laptops with their other USB device to see if their firmware was hacked or not. Then again, a lot of other problems come up with their devices from what I have looked at and pureOS is quite buggy from the number of problems that are reported though few users run it.

Give it some time, I guess.

Presently, there is nothing that can even come close to Android and that's a shame, because Android is just awful.

Android is awful but it isn't the worst in some aspects when comparing to the other monster IOS. At least android has a proper file viewer and doesn't need so much work to install custom applications unlike ipa files. Simplicity of use of IOS is greater than android I guess and obviously security and privacy is another throat punch to google. Both in my opinion are nearly equally as terrible as each other. Some do better in some aspects but both are disgusting. I don't know. I think I am just ranting at this point so I am going to stop.

I remember LAS review there frist laptop. Look pretty but lack a lot of quality. Then next week or week after. They announced that they are going to make a smart phone. They rant about how they have not proven themselves to be reliable enough to start making there own smartphone. I think after there 2nd or 3rd generation of laptops making got better. TBH, I'll never trust their PureOS. [rant mode] I don't even understand how they are part of GNU list of free linux distro. Since people complain about there laptop not working right on other distro. Witch means they are adding there own kenerl change for them self. Witch break GNU own rules. [rant over]

Umm. LAS?

Linux Action Show. People behind Jupiter Broadcasting. The show is dead now.

Well, it’s already been delayed a few times, the early prototypes were supposed to ship at the end of last year, but are nowhere to be found. Lunduke also stepped down from his position in Purism. I’m not sure exactly what is going on behind the scenes to cause a delay or if the Librem 5 will ever get off the ground. Some people think it will never happen, other people are still optimistic. As for the OS itself, Purism has demonstrated it working, so I think the issue is not with the OS as much as the hardware. Modem bands are a pain.

I’m in the middle, I’ll be happy if it comes out, but if it doesn’t then I can take solace in the PinePhone, which has actually sent out its early editions and is in the process of getting OS projects involved. It cannot make calls either at the moment, but once again that is a hardware issue, not necessarily an OS problem. There is definitely something going on behind the scenes at Purism regarding the Librem 5 though.

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