Libre Office takes over 2 minutes to start

I was starting Libre Office 3 days ago, and the splash screen’s loading bar got to about 1/4 way through and stopped. I clicked on the splash and it vanished. Started LO again. Same thing. Then suddenly the first instance popped up and after that the second one. In subsequent attempts over these few days, I’ve found that the process starts, but for some reason it hangs at the exact same point for about 2 minutes and then carries on normally. I think it was about 2 weeks since the previous start, so Between 14 and 3 days ago something changed.

Any tips on how to analyze the situation (to help me learn more about problem solving on Linux) or ideas on how to solve it?

Sounds like a timeout of some sort where it’s waiting for something.
Does this also happen with a clean config, i.e. when (re)moving $HOME/.config/libreoffice/?

Yes. It seems it does.

Are you using libreoffice-still or libreoffice-fresh?

It’s still