Libre Office spell-check and fonts

I’m not sure why but the arm version that comes with kde on pi4 does not have a working spell-check. I tried to remove user profile and that did not seem to work either. Is there a fix for this? Also how do you add more fonts? I appreciate if anyone can help me out.

On desktop Manjaro, I fixed spell check and the like by installing the following in an en_US locale:

hunspell hyphen-en hyphen mythes-en libmythes hunspell-en_US
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The fix provided by @thwright worked for me. I had already had hunspell, hyphen and llibmythes installed, but spell-checking did not work.

And as for fonts, activate the AUR and search for ttf

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hunspell and hyphen are already dependencies and libmythes is an optional dependency.

Some packages aren’t very forthcoming about what’s needed for spell checking. Most programs use either hunspell or aspell, so keeping those around along with applicable language packs should cover just about everything.

How do you update the locale to en_USA? I apologise I’m still new to Linux.

$ sudo nano /etc/locale.conf


Sorry I meant how do you install dependencies and install below to locale en_us?

hunspell hyphen-en hyphen mythes-en libmythes hunspell-en_US

:: sudo pacman -S hunspell hyphen-en hyphen mythes-en libmythes hunspell-en_US

That worked. Trying to figure out now what to do with them…

:: just installing the depencies above fixed the spell check. I did not have to do anything else actually to make it work.

Thank you all for your help!

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