Libre Office pasting issue

This is some bug that is happening since 2 months or so. I wonder if that is something on my machine, or maybe a widespread issue.

Namely, when I try copy-pasting anything from the (any) browser with no formatting (ctrl+shift+v) I get the error, that there is no clipboard available. To be precise, it says:

“Requested clipboard format is not available.”

When I try to choose html formatting - the same issue. Copy-pasting with formatting works, but is a disaster to work with.

I switched from libreoffice-fresh to still and the issue remains.

When I try to paste to any other app, like kwriter, there is no issue, all pastes correctly.

To bypass the problem, I need to past anything into the system text editor and then copy-paste it again. When I’m working and doing a lot of such operations, it gets VERY TEDIOUS VERY FAST.

Any ideas if that is fixable? At this point, I’m taking into account changing my office suite, but I have no comparable choice… Libreoffice is the absolute minimum what I need for work.

It also may be a Plasma or Arch issue:

EDIT: Yeap, that is probably Arch packaging issue. I installed flatpack version and it works as intended. The problem with is, flatpack was launched without any personalizations, vanilla state and I am confused… There is no global menu, style is not following my system (looks odd) and without appmenu, I have no access to menu, so I can’t even configure it… This is a disaster.

flatpak and snap are disasters to linux, yes. Libre office not working entirely correctly for you is an issue until you figure out what the issue is.

This bug has been appearing since 2013:

I’ve seen numerous threads on various forums, without any solution. Since the clipboard worked fine FOR YEARS for me in Libre, I wonder what changed. Can anyone confirm this on their side?

Just copy anything on any site and try to copy into LO Writer with ctrl+shift+v while being on Plasma.

yes, works fine for me. Both HTML and unformatted.

Maybe try clearing any LO config?

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I checked my test profile and the same issue was present there. Then I realized, I am using Wayland since the January, so maybe this is it. I switched to Xorg and… the problem is gone… So it is definitely some Wayland clipboard issue. I will submit a bug report.

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please also update your bug report on the documentfoundation link you provided


Let’s see what happens next. There is a chance that this is a duplicate.

I would also ask you to check if you get this error with Gnome Wayland. Thanks!