Libre-Office and trackpad scrolling

When I use two-finger scrolling on my trackpad in Libre-Office, the scrolling is very delayed, and just jumps to the new position rather than smoothly scrolling. Alternatively, if I use the scroll bar, it scrolls smoothly like I would expect.

Is there a setting or configuration I need to change somewhere? This is the only app where trackpad scrolling doesn’t behave properly.

What about web pages?

Are there lots of images or tables in the document?

Writer scrolls pretty smoothly for me, but my only trackpad is on a Opensuse machine.

Web pages in a browser? Like I said, all other apps scroll smoothly.

Regarding the content of the Libre-Office documents, even simple text documents with no formatting or graphics do not scroll smoothly. Even a completely blank spreadsheet!

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  1. XFCE? KDE?
  2. Do you have libsynaptics installed?

Do you have Java/OpenJDK installed? I think Libreoffice by default ticks a box in the options to use Java…you might have to turn that off. To find this go to Tools-Options-General (I believe)

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Having it on or off does not affect scrolling in text documents.
I could see this being an issue in spreadsheets or presentations, but not documents.
Mine is ticked, and scrolling is smooth.

I don’t lave libsynaptics installed either.

I suspect this is ultimately an issue relating to too many or too few libraries installed rather than anything specific to Libre-Office.

  1. i3
  2. do not have libsynaptics installed

I do have openjdk installed. I tried turning off JRE in LibreOffice – no change.

Which libraries are you referring to? Is it something I could test?

Well I suspect something to do with the various versions of libinput or xf86-input-libinput or the competing libraries that have come into play with different Desktop Environments involved. You can actually get multiple of these installed and they don’t always cooperate.

It works pretty smoothly for me, but my touchpad is on a different distro.

I’ve got both libinput and xf86-input-libinput installed. Are you saying I should only have one of those installed?

But i wonder if that is ALL you have?

I searched my system for “libinput”. Would that capture everything you are thinking about?

Not sure, but see this post:

I thought you might have been on to it. On this same machine, I have another partition with another install of Manjaro (xfce), remember, the problem one is i3. The xfce install has no problem scrolling around inside LibreOffice, and it did not have xf86-input-libinput installed, just xf86-input-evdev. So, I uninstalled xf86-input-libinput on my i3 install, and I already had xf86-input-evdev installed, but after rebooting, still have the same scrollin problem.

I just added an i3 tag to this thread, hoping to hear from some fellow i3ers…


The culprit is good ol’ gtk3!

I had to force LibreOffice to use gtk2 by uncommenting the line:


in /etc/profile.d/

(fresh in my case. others may be using still)

You can check to see which version of gtk LibreOffice is using in Help > About LibreOffice.

Wow. Good sleuthing. How did you find that.
I’m still on still. (My word processor is the last place I will tolerate instability).

On still there seems no clue about gtk vesion.

[quote=“jsamyth, post:18, topic:18078, full:true”]Wow. Good sleuthing. How did you find that.
I’m still on still. (My word processor is the last place I will tolerate instability).

On still there seems no clue about gtk vesion.
Are you sure you are running gtk3, because I uninstalled fresh and installed still and the problem persisted?

No clue. I couldn’t see anything about GTK in the LibreOffice Help as you suggested.

I don’t have any issue on this machine, but then I don’t have a touchpad on it either. I have a Touchpad on my Opensuse machine and no problem there either.