Libmagick6 issues

libmagic6 isnt behaving well as it crashes my ssd and on reboot is still in the system tray… I thought that some of the dependencies were causing the problem so removed a few programs and still wont clear the system tray

libmagick6 is an AUR (Arch User Repository) package, it has neither anything to do specifically with Manjaro updates nor KDE. It has no system tray icon, it’s only a library.

What program requires it? Please post the output of:

pacman -Qi libmagick6 | grep "Required By"

required by “none”

Well, then remove it. Problem solved. :wink:


sadly it doesnt want to go away

What doesn’t want to go away? Again, libmagick6 has no tray icon so this is not related.

Just remove it from Add/Remove Software or from the terminal:

pamac remove libmagick6


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