Libinput-gestures won't use default config

I’ve been trying to get trackpad gestures on my manjaro gnome installation to work, and I’ve noticed that no matter what I do libinput-gestures seems to always ignore the default configuration file at /etc/libinput-gestures.conf, opting instead for the custom configuration file at ~/.config/libinput-gestures.conf (which doesn’t contain any configurations by default). I’ve tried uncommenting individual lines in the default config file, as well as restarting libinput-gestures but none of these have worked. Also, none of the issues posted on github seem to match my problem.
Any ideas?

One idea about the file, one could copy the file in /etc/ to ~/.config/ and verify that the options work there or rename the file in ~/.config/ to force the use of the default in /etc/

Renaming the custom file does work. So it seems that the defaults are overwritten by the custom config if a valid one exists? It doesn’t mention so in the libinput-gestures documentation…

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You could mention this to the developer on the github page, it might be a feature? E.g all users must make their own config and the /etc/ file is just a template?

I’ll try that

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I took a closer look at the .config file and it turns out the “custom” config was generated by the Gestures package, itself a dependency of gnome-layout-switcher!
So that’s why libinput-gestures always treats it as the go-to config. That answers my question.

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