Libinput Gestures Not Working After Update

Hello Everyone,

I know my libinput-gestures were working previously, but I updated my Gnome system a few days ago, and it appears to have stopped working. I am unsure what the root cause is that caused it to break. To be clear the ‘stock’ GNOME gestures (desktop swiping, overview page, etc.) work correctly.

Is anyone else experiencing issues?

I just want to be able to go back/forth in my browsers using gestures is my goal with my system.

Please don’t create duplicate topics just because you haven’t gotten any responses yet on your first try — it is selfish and antisocial. You already had a thread about this topic. :arrow_down:

(Original thread now closed and unlisted.)

Apologies @Aragorn, I thought I submitted this in a different sub-forum. Thank you for fixing the issue!