Libglvnd v1.3 breaks Steam on bumblebee

I have been seeing this problem that has been dragging on for a long time with manjaro and libglvnd. Today I finally have the solution, and apparently it is with an indirect conflict between libglvnd and the nvidia-430xx-utils package that I have installed.

It’s about some duplicate ligl files that shouldn’t be there. The details and the solution are here:

How can I check if in future updates it will not give the same problem again? in other versions of the driver this problem exists?

Its a packaging issue. If the feedback on the linked issue is to be believed.

This is just something that could happen … specifically with trying to keep support for older cards/libraries/etc. (notice Arch only offers 1 nvidia-utils - current version 455)

The only way to really prevent this is to hope some dev/maintainer is perfect always and forever …
or use something that doesnt require extra work to backport and keep alive and reverse-engineer … like a GPU that has open-source drivers (or even a proprietary manufacturer that wont abandon you on a whim every few years) :wink:

But as the packager is philm … I will ping them. @philm

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