Libgccjit required for Emacs native-comp stuck at 11.1.0 on the AUR after manjaro upgrade

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After the last manjaro upgrade, gcc got updated from 11.1.0 to 11.2.0. I had libgccjit 11.1.0 installed from AUR as a dependency for emacs-gcc-wayland-devel-bin. Now I need to follow the gcc version and upgrade to 11.2.0 which seems to be the one available in the AUR but I’m unable to access it from Manjaro:

> pamac info libgccjit
Name                  : libgccjit
Version               : 11.1.0-1
Description           : Just-In-Time Compilation using GCC.
URL                   :
Licenses              : GPL3
Repository            : AUR
Groups                : --
Depends On            : glibc libmpc gcc-libs=11.1.0
Optional Dependencies : --
Make Dependencies     : binutils libmpc
Check Dependencies    : dejagnu
Provides              : --
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Unknown
Maintainer            : flatwhatson
First Submitted       : Tue 20 Oct 2015 15:34:49 CEST
Last Modified         : Mon 17 May 2021 12:16:46 CEST
Votes                 : 29
Out of Date           : Mon 01 Nov 2021 19:17:58 CET
Build Date            : Unknown
Validated By          : Unknown

I guess all Emacs packages compiled using the native-comp flag will face the same issue.

Any idea how to proceed?

Some more info: If I edit the build file PKGBUILD, I can see that the version specified there is actually 11.2.0.

# Maintainer: Andrew Whatson <>
# Maintainer: ZenTauro <zentauro at riseup dot net>
# Contributor: Ruben De Smet <ruben dot de dot smet at glycos dot org>
# Contributor: Jashandeep Sohi <>

pkgdesc='Just-In-Time Compilation using GCC.'
makedepends=(binutils libmpc)
depends=(glibc libmpc "gcc-libs=$pkgver")

Somehow, there is a leftover of the last installed version somewhere (11.1.0). I tried cleaning the pamac cache and rebooting but nothing changed.

Finally found he solution, so posting here for anybody having the same or related issue. The cache to be cleaned is the pacman one, not pamac:

sudo pacman -Scc

Then pamac could find the latest libgccjit, so 11.2.0

libgccjit is now packaged from Arch and has been deleted from AUR

Wow, I got lucky! It just disappeared 2 hours after I installed it. The Arch package hasn’t made its way into the Manjaro repos yet.

Even if a pkgbuild have been deleted from the AUR you can still download it using git

git clone

Thanks for the tip!

I was not able to install libgccjit from AUR. It is failing in the build() function, but I was not able to find why. Did anyone succeed to install it?

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