Libfprint-git update remove fprintd package

Hi all,
I am using fprintd for fingerprint reading and it works fine, I can login using fingerprint, I can use it in terminal, in pamac...
Recently I got an update for libfprint-git package, which to be honest I don't know what is used for.

If I do this update, the fprintd package is removed, so my fingerprint reader will not work. I used Timeshift to restore this update.

What should I do?


The new libfprint-git package provides a newer version of libfprint, hence it will conflict with the old one. You can safely do the switch and use the fprintd-libfprint2 instead of fprintd
At least that is what i understand.

Thanks for your answer Bogdan, but how do I use my fingerprint without fprintd?
I use fprintd to save my fingerprint.

You do use fprintd, but by installing fprintd-libfprint2 instead, so you don't have the issue mentioned, of conflicting dependencies. If you look at that page i linked

That worked, thanks for your help, I just installed the fprintd-libfprint2 package and it works!

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