Libevent-compat cannot be installed because of gpg failure


i try to install seadrive-gui & seadrive-daemon but the installation hangs since libevent-compat cannot be installed:

==> Überprüfe Signaturen der Quell-Dateien mit gpg...
    libevent-2.0.22-stable.tar.gz ... FEHLGESCHLAGEN (Unbekannter öffentlicher Schlüssel 910397D88D29319A)
==> FEHLER: Eine oder mehrere PGP-Signaturen konnten nicht überprüft werden!
==> FEHLER:Makepkg konnte libevent-compat nicht erstellen.

How can the unknown public key be corrected?


Sounds like an AUR package.

Did you try adding the GPG key to your keyring?


Correct, it’s an AUR package. But how i could install that missing gpg key?


There’s a sticky topic:

Also, a search might find something useful. :wink:

(moved from #technical-issues-and-assistance:applications to #technical-issues-and-assistance:aur as this is an issue with an AUR package)


Thanks Jonathon! i’ll try the way you pointed me to. As for searching, i did a search for seadrive & libevent - only, you might suggest … :wink:


Great. All worked fine now … :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again!

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