Lib32**** on amd64?

I’m about two weeks into Manjaro and still learning the in’s and out’s specific to it. During several updates now I’ve noticed lib32* updates. My question is why is there so many 32 bit packages installed by default? Is there something about Manjaro 64 bit that still requires 32 bit libs other than to run 32 bit applications? On my Siduction/Debian/Sid install, which has been running for several years now, I have zero 32 bit libs. I can enable them should I need to run 32 bit application but have never had the need to do so. I checked the size and it’s nearly 1/2 a gig. Seems it would be reasonable to leave them out of the iso no? Like I said, I’m a Manjaro noob so correct me if I’m wrong.

This multilib repository is required for things like wine, steam, etc.

You can remove it if you want. See Disabling multilib section:

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OK, thanks. I figured that’s all it’s for.

You might even do this

pacman -R $(comm -12 <(pacman -Qq | sort) <(pacman -Slq multilib | sort))

as that will remove all lib32 files.

Just to be safe do a backup first.

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Already done. Thanks.

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