Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen9 - Says On Battery Power Even Though AC Charger Connected


Hope someone can please advise.

Noticed when I plugged in my Lenovo X1 Carbon - Gen 9 laptop (dual boot Win 10 and Manjaro) and booted into Manjaro Qonos 21.2.5, kernel 5.10.105-1, that it says running on battery, instead of AC power.

To check on this, I booted into Windows 10 and it recognizes that laptop is plugged into AC power.

I don’t think I had this problem before.

Any suggestions to get Manjaro to recognize that laptop is plugged into AC power?

Thank you.



There are some BIOS settings mentioned here
No mentions about your issue tho, so not sure if those settings have influence on that or not.

Did you try newer kernel? 5.15 might be a good start. Make sure the BIOS is also updated to the latest …

Hi bogdancovaciu,

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. Appreciate it!

Sorry for belated reply, did not see any notification of getting a reply. Just came across your reply now.

Just checked my laptop and it is now showing battery at 99% and that it’s charging. Go figure!

Maybe some recent update fixed the situation?